Concrete Raising and Leveling

Image result for concrete foam jacking´╗┐Uneven, sunken, unlevel concrete???

We can fix it!!

  • Cost Effective

    Customers save money by lifting existing concrete, rather than replacing it.  Generally the cost to lift is less than half the cost to replace it.

  • Strengthens and Supports Existing Soils

    Polyurethane foam will not degrade from moisture or chemicals found in soils.  Polyurethane is strong, dense, and lightweight in comparison to traditional materials used by mudjacking.  The foam, when injected, finds small cracks in the soil.  By filling these voids, soil stability reaches levels beyond what was present when the slab was originally poured.
  • Environmentally Friendly

    Polyurethane foam is an inert material that is self contained and will not leach into surrounding soils.  By saving old concrete, landfills will not fill up with tons of concrete rubble, which is difficult to reuse.
  • Fast and Low Impact

    Polyurethane is completely cured and ready to drive, walk, and play on in 15 minutes!  Raising your existing concrete will not affect your yard, landscaping, or underground lines.  

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