Foam Suppliers

Green Insulation Technologies, LLC is a developer and manufacturer of Soy and Castor based Spray Foam Insulation.  They provide a .5 lb, 1.0 lb , 2.0 lb, and 3.0 lb foams.  Check out their web-site to learn more.

Tripolymer Foam Insulation manufactures a phenolic injection foam.  This is primarily used to retro fit existing homes/buildings, with enclosed wall cavities.  Check out their web-site to learn more.

BASF Corporation

DEMILEC (USA) LLC is one of the pioneers in the development and commercialization of the totally water blown environmentally friendly spray foam insulation, SEALECTION 500, and other spray foam systems, such as HEATLOK (rigid, closed cells) which uses the environmentally friendly blowing agent Enovate 245FA manufactured by Honeywell. Check out their web site to learn more.

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